Café and Youth Employment Wheel

A jobs program for young people, and re-defining life in a struggling Australian community.

About the Project:

For the past 12 years a Friday night street BBQ in the Cranebrook public housing estate in the Western Suburbs of Sydney has built extensive relationships and equity in a very needy community. Now we plan a self-sustaining social enterprise café in this community to provide the context for a traineeship to bridge disadvantaged young people into a range of long term employment pathways (The Employment Wheel).

Personal and skills development will prepare them for entry-level jobs and vocational (TAFE) training and apprenticeships in a range of different industries (hospitality, construction, auto mechanics, electrical, fitness etc).

The cafe will providing a context for invaluable work experience for the trainees.

It will serve healthy café-style food and beverages, basic grocery items, and provide a vibrant, safe and inviting community gathering space/connection point.

A range of services and programs will be offered to relieve poverty and address the brokenness in this community as an expression of God’s love and to bring his kingdom.

Why it is Important:

The Cranebrook public housing estate is struggling to provide a happy lifestyle for its residents. This is because of the influence of drugs, alcohol, very low employment, high school drop-out rate, and violence. Young people are bored, at risk of destructive behaviours, many will spend time in jail without help, and they live without hope of anything better. This project aims to:

  1. Break the cycles of brokenness that determine the future of young people in Cranebrook through opportunities for training, personal development, and income-earning jobs in a loving and empowering environment.
  2. Transform the social dynamics of the Cranebrook community by modelling kingdom values and providing a connection space and activities enabling people to live them out and experience better relationships.

The Specific Target Group: 

Young people in the Cranebrook Housing Estate in Western Sydney who leave school early and face significant barriers to employment and finding a good life.

We are currently seeking a suitable facility in the Cranebrook public housing estate for the cafe and traineeship.

Contact us to join the project team – express the heart of God to people in desperate need and transform their lives.

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