Poverty-busting Books  

Providing basic education and life skills to overcome disadvantage and relieve poverty.  

About the Project:

Mustard Seed Global will publish eight practical books on sewing and health issues. The books have been written by Annette Marshall, a missionary in Papua New Guinea for almost twenty years where Annette was also involved in running community training centers to equip village people. The four sewing books provide skills from beginners to advanced sewing, and almost 200 patterns for everything from carry bags to girl’s skirts and men’s shirts.


The four health books cover issues like hygiene, first aid, sex education and contraception, child care, diet/healthy eating, and diseases.

The books are available in simple English or translated into a local language. Clear instructions using diagrams make the books accessible to those who cannot read. 

Please contact us if you have connections with communities of people in poverty in a developing country who would benefit.    

Why it is Important:

People in developing countries often experience a poor quality of life because of a lack of basic education and skills. Corruption, economic mismanagement, or war can leave people without a source of income or the resources to clothe and feed their families. Such countries also face serious health challenges from water-bourne diseases (eg. cholera), HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Maternal and infant mortality rates are sky high. Basic health education and sewing skills can dramatically improve quality of life in these contexts.


The Specific Target Group:  

Families generally in Papua New Guinea increasingly facing poverty and distress with the following specific targets:

  • Initially rural communities of cocoa growers targeted by our mobile HIV-AIDS clinic in East New Britain Province in partnership with The World Bank.
  • Squatter settlements/slums in Port Moresby, Lae and Mount Hagen.
  • Rural areas of Bougainville still recovering from the civil war with PNG.