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Social Enterprise Supermarket

Building Fund – $A 600,000

Young people in Papua New Guinea are prime candidates for poverty, HIV-AIDS, and prison time for petty crime. Many drop out of school and languish without any means for earning an income.

Mustard Seed Global is launching an innovative social enterprise supermarket in Papua New Guinea to provide a traineeship to bridge disadvantaged youth into employment or micro-enterprise businesses, and to generate an on-going stream of funds for projects which help people in poverty and distress. The supermarket will also facilitate meals for the destitute, a safe-haven for women subject to domestic violence, a church community to bring hope, and many other programs geared at relieving poverty and distress.


The government is providing land for the supermarket and a local builder is offering builders because these partners are passionate about how this project will help their disadvantaged people. Mustard Seed Global is seeking to raise $A600,000 for building materials and initial stock.  We plan to develop a social enterprise supermarket in every major centre in Papua New Guinea.

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