Our Mission

Better lives for people most in need to show God’s love.
The Mustard Seed Principle

The Kingdom of God grows when we do things which express God’s heart – even if they seem weak and insignificant.  

Jesus taught: “…the kingdom of God is like…a mustard seed, which is the smallest seed you plant in the ground. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds of the air can perch in its shade.”  (Mark 4:30-32)

We must all choose what we will do with our lives – time is limited. Some things appear significant because they give us power or reputation. Activities reflecting the heart of God often initially appear weak and insignificant. One example of such “small seeds” is expressing love by practically helping those in need. A large, recognised benevolent enterprise may give us significance. But the true motivation for our mission is found in why we would help those in need even if it is a small act beyond the spotlight – because God desires to show His love to people, and when we plant such “small seeds” the Kingdom will grow and many will find strength and protection in its branches to the glory of God.

Our Priorities  

We seek to practically help and empower disadvantaged people and their communities economically, socially, and spiritually by:

  1. Relieving poverty, sickness, disability, destitution, suffering, misfortune and helplessness.
  2. Offering children safety, love and a hopeful future.
  3. Promoting education where this helps relieve poverty and distress.
  4. Focussing on sustainable development.
  5. Fighting for justice.
  6. Encouraging and establishing faith communities to embrace the Kingdom activities of Jesus.
  7. Discipling young people through hands-on opportunities to join Christ in blessing the world.

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Guiding Principles.


God’s great love for us and for the world is our motivation, and defines the way we relate to all people.

Joining God in His Work

Because God is restoring the world through Jesus Christ we provide hands-on opportunities to join him. We value discipleship as foundational for genuine involvement with God – learning to receive God’s love and to express it to others.


Faith in Jesus Christ is not a prerequisite for participation in our work.

Partnerships based on Long-term Relationships

Our work in focus nations is established on long-term relationships with indigenous leaders. Local insight and infrastructure optimises the efficiency and effectiveness of our projects and use of funds.

Mobilising Local Churches

We seek to train and empower local churches in both contributing and focus countries to engage in Christ’s restoration project, because this is central to their call.

Establishing New Faith Communities

We want to plant new churches, and remain open to God’s guidance in contextualising our efforts.

Development Not Welfare

We seek to empower people and communities to improve their lives through involvement in sustainable solutions to poverty and marginalisation, rather than just giving hand-outs.

Reconciliation and Unity

Reconciling the world to God in Christ, and people and cultural groups to each other is God’s priority.

Distinctions Between “Church Work” and “Development”

We make clear distinctions between church work and “development“(or aid) work in policy, communication, reporting and accounting to maintain integrity in ensuring that donations given in Australia for development work (and therefore tax–deductible when we are endorsed to receive tax-deductible gifts by the Australian Government) are used for that purpose.