A Brief History of Mustard Seed Global

About Mustard Seed Global

About Mustard Seed Global

About Mustard Seed Global

Our foundations were established through the consistent short-term missionary work of Foothills Vineyard Church based in Sydney, Australia (and its partners).

Each year from 1998 until the present teams were sent mainly to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Thailand-Burma. These teams helped local churches to focus on God’s kingdom, and modelled the kingdom life through ministry and small-scale practical projects to help the poor.  This gave us insights into the poverty and distress experienced by those most in need in these countries, and developed relationships with potential partners.

We now plan to launch larger projects which will broaden the scope and impact of our work.

Mustard Seed Global currently has significant partnerships in developing countries with governments, Christian churches, and The World Bank.Mustard Seed Global has come into being to facilitate the sort of co-ordination, communication, and accountability required to achieve our work fruitfully. This will also make it easier for us to connect with people globally who desire to get involved and support our work through financial gifts, the use of practical skills, venturing overseas on a missions trip with us, or with prayer.

The current projects displayed on the Projects page are based in Papua New Guinea and Australia because this is where our relationship base is the strongest. But we see this as a platform for kingdom projects across the globe as God leads and enables us to help those most in need.

Mustard Seed Global is a public company limited by guarantee registered under the Australian Corporations Act 2001, and is bound by the legal requirements of the Act, including the provision of audited annual financial statements which are available to view on request.

We hope you will join us in some way to do something great to express God’s love and help those most in need.