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Angels Healing Our World

Mustard Seed Global, a registered Australian charity, is at the forefront of transforming healthcare in remote communities of Papua New Guinea. Through the deployment of innovative ‘hybrid’ paramedical units, they tirelessly deliver essential primary and emergency health care, as well as early cancer diagnosis, to those who would otherwise be left without a fighting chance for good health or survival.

Need in Remote Places

According to a Lancet report on declining health services in PNG 50% of the medical aid posts serving rural areas at independence in 1995 closed by 2006. Now only a small percentage operate effectively.

We’re Mobile

Many in PNG travel for up to 4 days for medical services. Fear stops many from going to be tested for HIV-AIDS or cancer. Our rugged 4x4 vehicles and agile boats bring free essential services and early diagnosis screening to their doorsteps.

Enabling Other Services

By helping to fill the gap in early cancer diagnosis people can present earlier to services treating the disease and have a better chance of survival.

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  • Healthy Food

    Millions of people have not enough food, so we're working to feed the hungry.

  • Clean Water

    Our goal is to supply clean water to people who can not access to safe water.

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Peter Nangu’s Story

From Darkness to Resilience

In a world tainted by stigma and discrimination, Peter Nangu braved the hurdles of living with HIV-AIDS. However, burdened by the weight of societal prejudice and alienation, medication. Caught in the grip of feeling unloved and unwanted, Peter found himself on the precipice of despair, contemplating a tragic end to his journey. But fate intervened in the form of the compassionate warriors from the Mustard Seed Global mobile HIV-AIDS clinic. Discovering Peter at the threshold of his existence,

our devoted nurses embraced him with unwavering support. Armed with empathetic counseling and a renewed determination, they reclaimed Peter’s hope, guiding him back onto the path of recovery through the resumption of his life-saving anti-retroviral medication. Additionally, they carefully curated his diet, ensuring he received the nourishment vital to his well-being. Peter Nangu is now thriving against all odds and earning a livelihood from cocoa plants provided by the Bush Angels in partnership with The World Bank.

Bush Angels Paramedics

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We started with the simple idea of taking medical services to people beyond the reach of these services.

Medical Experts Involved

The Bush Angels development involves leading medical experts in emergency care and cancer treatment from around the world.

Links in a Chain

Bush Angels link remote communities to the life-saving treatments available in hospitals.

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