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Better lives for people most in need to show God’s love.

A Culture of Violence Against Women 

Progress Leaves Young People Helpless

Many women in Papua New Guinea (PNG) live under the constant threat of being seriously hurt by men – it is, sadly, a culture of violence against women. A video on YouTube by The New York times documents the problem. 



Our Social Enterprise Supermarkets will include facilities which provide safe houses to protect women suffering the threat of violence in PNG and help to make a way forward for their lives. Also learn more about our Poverty-busting Books aimed at equipping women in poverty with the essential knowledge and skills to help their families survive.

In Australia’s closest neighbour Papua New Guinea (PNG) juvenile crime is a big problem. Many young people are left helpless in the wake of progress. Poverty, jail time, contracting HIV-AIDS, unemployment and homelessness are likely to shape their future.

PNG, like other Pacific Island nations has a subsistence culture where the majority of people live off the land. So, why are young people destitute and at-risk when they have their traditional village contexts to fall back on?

Read more about why these young people are caught in no-man’s-land and find out about our Social Enterprise Supermarket  project aimed at giving them hope and a bright future.